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A Desultory Joychaser's Terribly Useless Journal

Because Blogger is a pond and I need somewhere to Purge.

11 October
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I am a graduate student working toward a PhD in Comparative Literature. At least, that is the long-term goal. I have only just begun, having finished with my BA (again, in Comparative Literature) in 2008. Also, I have never *not* been in some sort of a degree program. I am a TA, and mostly, my day is determined by how well I taught in the morning. I like creating syllabi and unleashing them upon unsuspecting undergrads.

I am a generalist, and for a long time, it saddened me that I never developed any particular interest such as, say, D&D for instance. But this made me want to know about EVERYthing. I tell myself that this is not such a bad thing.